Nursing Care of Adults with Acute and Chronic Illness II

Class and Updates

Please watch the CI Keys support site videos and/or the videos. I have linked the CI Keys support site videos to the basics for wordpress, but there are a number of great “How to” videos already made for you to follow along with that will easily prepare you for what you need for this class.

Here are the basic instructions to make a post:

  1. From your dashboard: hover over “Post”>>>Add New
  2. Type whatever you want on the page. You can embed images by using “Add Media” button at the top left.
  3. Be sure to click “Publish” when you are happy with your post.


I will send out a class announcement about a few checks (will take 5 min or so) I need you to do on your websites, but I am also including the information here:

  1. Please go to your dashboard (for the site you are using for our class) and click the tool bar on the right. Screenshot 2016-09-07 13.18.16
  2. This will open information about your site. Change the title to your first and last name. It may say “My blog” if you never changed it originally, or may say something else you have changed it to, but I need you to change it to have your first and last name, so when we syndicate our posts together you can see who is creating the post. Change the administrator username to your first and last name.Screenshot 2016-09-07 13.24.40
  3. Last step:
    From your dashboard – where you create the posts or pages or change your theme, in the top right corner, it will say “Howdy, admin”. Please click on it and change the Display Name Publicly as to your name. This helps when I pull your sites together to our Class Talk page.Screenshot 2016-09-07 13.27.47

Please complete this by Friday 0900 am so I can start our Class Talk page! Thank you!

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