Nursing Care of Adults with Acute and Chronic Illness II

Group Presentation Guidelines

Group Presentations will be a focused review of a selected system from Course Content. The Group Presentation will be delivered electronically. You may use any format you prefer and will be given some suggested options in class as a guide.


Presentation Should Include:

A succinct summary of important information regarding topic (see group assignments randomly made in CI Learn). Consider this a Cumulative Test Review of content for your classmates. You will determine the division of work between group members. Some class time will be provided to work in groups and initiate this project with the instructor as a resource. You are expected to be creative in your delivery to make the materials engaging to learners (peers/students) reviewing. You will be required to peer review three other group presentations using the group presentation rubric as part of the project.

References of all sources used for presentation in APA format, and appropriate referencing for any images or videos included. Please post your completed project url here, OR share your VoiceThread with the Instructor with editing privileges so it can be shared with the class.


Group Presentation Rubric

Group_______________________            Date____________




Criteria Points Possible
Presentation Presentation is professional, smooth and logical demonstration of information. Main points presented. Organized and easy to follow.  


Content Accurate, includes all required content, in easily understood manner. Content serves as a good study guide for system. No mistakes made in content knowledge. Includes 8-10 NCLEX style questions.  


Visual Aid (s) and Delivery Delivery of the content was creative with effective visual aids to maintain interest. Consistent delivery with good flow during presentation.  


Group Participation Teamwork Neat, orderly. Clearly shows each member’s participation and contribution. Team communicated well together, without any lapses in the presentation or delivery. Creative with technology and/or method of presenting materials. Peer-reviewed 3 other group presentations.  


Total Possible 50

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