Nursing Care of Adults with Acute and Chronic Illness II

Unit One


This week we are just getting started! I will walk you through the process of setting up your own CI Keys account in class. Please check out CI Keys prior to coming to class so we can talk about what it is and what it means to have a digital identity!

F&E and R&GU

This unit will cover the first three weeks of class (August 31, September 7, and September 14). Please refer to the course content outline for your reading assignments each week. We will discuss fluid & electrolyte balance, acid-base balance, renal disorders, and genitourinary issues, and male reproductive system. The first exam will cover this unit content. Please review the materials each week as listed.

Week 1 (August 31)

Course Orientation and Syllabus

Fluid and Electrolytes Overview

  • Lecture and Discussion
  • Simple Nursing: Has additional youtube videos on F&E (30)

Need more help memorizing values for F&E: Tips here …


Week 2 (September 7)

Fluid and Electrolytes (Continued from Week 1)

Acid-Base Class Activity and Discussion: Make your first blog tonight! (Post a picture that represents something about you and state the lab value you like the most and the least!)

Renal Disorders B&S Chapters 53 – 55

Week 3 (September 14)

  • ATI Real Life: Kidney Disease
  • Acute versus Chronic Renal Failure; Stages of Failure Ch 53-54
  • Renal Disorders
  • GU and Male Reproduction B&S Chapters 55, 59

  • Let’s get blogging about drugs! Choose one medication (your choice!): What information could you find about how it affects the kidneys, where it is absorbed, and/or other nursing considerations with renal patients?

Week 4 (September 21)

  • Exam 1 : Come to class ready to test at 9am! (Exam 0910-1010) Be sure to have completed your ATI Fluid & Electrolytes and Renal focused practice assessments
  • Break 1010-1030
  • PICO Group Work 1030-1150

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