Nursing Care of Adults with Acute and Chronic Illness II

Unit Three

Welcome to the Other Side!

You are almost halfway through the semester and this course. How are you progressing? Are you keeping up with the reading and activities?  We will push forward to expand your knowledge to include the musculoskeletal and neurological systems. In honor of October, I imagine ghosts, ghouls, and mummy’s have issues with these systems functioning normally!

Musculoskeletal and Neurological Systems

This unit will cover the three weeks (October 19 – November 9) with the Exam on November 9. Please refer to the course content outline for your reading assignments each week. We will discuss Neurological issues first, followed by Musculoskeletal content. Some musculoskeletal and neurological system issues overlap, so it will help that these content areas are presented in one unit. The exam on November 9 will cover this unit content. There is a fair amount of reading, so please schedule time to read throughout these weeks. Please review the materials each week as listed below.

Week 8 (October 19)

  • Test Review – Exam 2
  • B&S Chapters 65-70 Lecture and Discussion
  • In class activities – One Minute Writing; Paired Neuro Assessment

  • Case Study Review and Practice Scenarios – Small Group Work


Week 9 (October 26)

  • Stress Relief Practice
  • Visit from Tutoring Services
  • Case Studies Review and Practice Scenarios – Small Group Work
  • Neuro: B & S Chapters 67-70 Lecture and Discussion (Continued from Week 8)
  • Musculoskeletal: B & S Chapters 40-43 Small Group Activity/Blog

Week 10 (November 2) Online Activities

There is no face-to-face class this week. Please complete the activities below to cover the content for the day.

  • B & S Chapters 70 and 40-43 Recorded Lecture – VoiceThread in CI Learn
  • Blog Activity – “Disconnecting”

I have asked you to be connected and share your learning across our course website most of this semester. I also ask you to use ATI regularly and Skyscape to look up information or find answers. This semester I have asked you to start thinking about your digital identity and what the “connected” world finds about you if one searched. This week, I am going to ask you to do something very different. In nursing, technology had grown and become a part of what we do every day. However, one key part of nursing to never lose sight of is human connection and compassion. This may be using therapeutic touch, reassuring words, or just simply listening and making eye contact. This week, I want you to choose one day that you disconnect from internet, phone, email, text, computer, television, etc. Spend sometime paying attention to the amazing human beings around you. Watch others “connections” with people and technology. Blog how long you stayed “disconnected” up to 24 hours, and what your thoughts are about this activity.

  • Fractures and Sports Injuries Padlet


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  • Stress Relief/Coloring Contest Winner Announcement

The winner is Jessica D! Second and third prize winners and video will be shown in class. Prizes will be given in class before the exam.

  • Student Feedback for NRS 222: Please take a few moments to complete the survey. Your feedback is anonymous and I would love to hear how I can best support your learning!