Nursing Care of Adults with Acute and Chronic Illness II

Unit Two

You Made It To Unit Two!

You survived the first exam. This week we will continue our journey by covering the GI system. We are going to address function and dysfunction in the entire GI system including Hepatic and Biliary disorders.

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GI, Hepatic & Biliary

This unit will cover the two weeks (Sept 28 and October 5) with the Exam on October 12. Please refer to the course content outline for your reading assignments each week. We will discuss Hepatic and Biliary issues first, followed by upper and lower GI concerns. The exam Oct 12 will cover this units content. Please review the materials each week as listed.

Week 5 (Sept 28)

  • Earn some points back!
  • Drug Review from Blogs
  • B&S Chapters 49-50 Disease Processes
    • BLOG: What Who When Where Why ?
  • GI/Hepatic Lecture and Discussion
  • Case Study Review

Week 6 (October 5) Online Activities and Content

Clinical Talk : Watch the brief film below. Do you think this is good for patients? How is clinical going? Have a chat with one person in a different clinical group about your progress so far. What goals are you trying to reach?

(Patient Safety Briefing film from Haelo on Vimeo.)

  •  B&S Chapters 44-48 Lecture and Discussion: View Here

Please review the following videos and complete the padlet activity.

  • PEG and TPN

  • TPN Nursing Considerations by Simple Nursing

  • Online activity: GI Education Practice Padlet
  • Case Study Discussion via VoiceThread for practice (optional). You must login to comment through myCI. This VoiceThread is also shared through the Unit 2 content resources.

Week 7 (Oct 12)

  • Q&A; Exam preparation/review 0900-0930
  • Exam 2 (Covering Chapters 44-50) 945-1045
  • Break 1045-1100
  • Group Project Work 1100-1150
    • Have you decided on a plan?
    • Do you need help with technology? VoiceThread or Google Slides?
    • How are you sharing your materials/information/progress?
    • Reviewed the rubric? Questions?
    • Have you thought about questions to include?

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